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Dave Paull is a Somerset born and bred, third generation dairy farmer with a West Country accent as luxurious as the cream from his beloved cows. 


The farm is run by Dave and his partner Rosie, but it’s the Guernsey cows that makes the Hurdlebrook produce special.  All 200 of them have their own names and personalities; Dave’s favourite is a gentle little cow called Sunshine, whilst Rosie’s favourite is Rosey!


The cows graze on the lush pastures full of clover which is fertilised with regular applications of their own farmyard manure, and are milked twice daily in an immaculately clean herringbone parlour.  This is particularly important because the Hurdlebrook raw milk and cream is unpasteurised.


The Guernsey raw milk is golden in colour due to the breed’s inefficiency to digest the beta carotene in the grass and forage.  This gives the milk the beautiful flavour and colour, and also makes it silkier, thicker and more delicious than standard milk in a way that is hard to describe.  But once you have tasted this unadulterated milk, the pasteurised and homogenised milk found elsewhere will be pale in comparison. 


Dave is a huge advocate of the health benefits of drinking raw milk, which has the advantage of containing the natural bacteria and enzymes that are destroyed by the typical heating processes.  These natural bacteria are essential to the maintenance and promotion of gut well-being and the fight against infections.


Only the yoghurt is pasteurised, and where most people would enjoy a dollop with fresh berries, Dave adds the berries to the whole pot!


Hurdlebrook has been producing high quality, raw milk and cream from award winning Guernsey cows since the early 1980s - with Taste of the West and Royal Bath and West Show awards. They have also won multiple Great Taste Award's over the last 3 years.  The goal is to always keep their customers happy and healthy. 

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